Indian Marriages

shefali_parminder_sikh_wedding_ceremoy07-430x2862.jpgIndian marriages are the most vivid and colorful ones. There are a lot of customs and rituals that are to be followed making the occasion a grand one. Actually the occasion starts even days before the actual wedding day. The bride and the bridegroom have to go through a lot of procedures. India being a secular country also houses people of different religion and customs. Every religion has their own way of marriage, giving a lot of variety. Moreover nowadays intermixing of the people has also modified their customs as well. Thus, in India marriage is something worth watching.

Most weddings in India are conducted in front of fire and the bride and the bridegroom has to make vows and have to take seven rounds. There is exchange of garlands etc. In Punjab the bridegroom arrives on the back of a horse with great pomp and show to the brides place for the marriage. This makes the occasion fantastic. Sikh wedding photography lets you keep those lifetime events fresh in the pages of the album.

The most important part of the marriage is when the bridegroom applies “sindoor” on the forehead of the bride. This is a matter of pride and completes the process of wedding. This is an absolute moment to be treasured and then there comes the time for the bride to say good bye to her own house, parents, friends and relatives as she moves in to her husband’s house. A lot of emotions can be found. Indian wedding photography offers a lot of colors, rituals, feelings, celebrations and much more.

The occasion is worth to be remembered. In India people give a lot of importance to the photography and they all love to be on snap of the wedding album.Sheraton_hotel_weding_photography_Sumit_Ira_Talwar_027-430x286


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